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We've got Xobni invites again

More invites for Xobni. For you.

Xobni Corporation

Xobni, the Microsoft Outlook do-it-all analyzer opened up to "several thousand" more new users yesterday. Its creators aren't unleashing the plug-in to the masses until "early spring" so they can scale up their software, but we've got 50 invites that have been made available for Webware readers. Just like last time, go to the beta signup page and enter the invitation code, "Webware."

As a tip: If you signed up to be a part of the beta late last year be sure to check your e-mail before using our invite code. I forgot I signed up to use the service before getting into the beta test a few days after our early hands-on, and sure enough, I had one in my in-box yesterday morning.

Also as a word of warning (out of personal experience) we had a little trouble with an earlier version of the app because of our large PST file, so your mileage may vary depending on the size of your e-mail archives.