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We've changed our tabs: Here's how and why

The more eagled-eyed of you may have noticed that we've made some changes to our top tabs today -- here's why we've replaced Digital Living with Photos

The more eagled-eyed among you may have noticed that we've made some changes to our top tabs today. We've listened to requests from our users, removing the Digital Living tab and replacing it with one called Photos.

The Photos page gives you quick access to all our picture-based stories on the site, whatever section they appear in. So you'll be able to see our hands-on pictures of the latest gadgets from the product launches we attend around the world, together with the latest reviews, videos and Crave stories.

We've also taken the opportunity to shuffle the order of some of the tabs to help you navigate the site better. Please do let us know what you think of the changes in the comments below.

As a reminder, here's what you can find under each tab:

Highlights of the best stuff on the site that day.

Our gadget blog, with the hottest tech coming to the UK.

The place to find our expert reviews of thousands of different products.

Informative and entertaining video reviews, Car Tech videos and much more besides.

A quick way to see our latest picture-based stories.

Talk to our editors and users about the issues that matter to you.

Free programs to make your computer faster and more productive.

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