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'Westworld' trailer: Season 2 looks like a lot of something actually

On April 22, season 2 of the HBO show premieres. Prepare to question the nature of your reality.

It's here, but it's unclear what it looks like. Kidding, of course. It looks like "Westworld" is off the rails in a very big way.

But if it still doesn't look like anything to you, perhaps the maze is for you after all.

While the trailer gives few clues of what to expect for the plot of season 2, a since-deleted tweet from the show's account on Friday indicated Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson from "Thor: Ragnarok") may have known and maybe even orchestrated the "unveiling" during the season 1 finale.


Did Hale organize the rebellion? Are the robots seriously taking over or is there simply a new master in charge? While the trailer peels back very little on the puzzle that awaits us, season 2 really needs to start with a bang to keep us hooked.

"Westworld" stars Evan Rachel Wood, Jeremy Wright, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, Ed Harris and others. It returns 9 p.m. Sunday, April 22, on HBO.