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Westworld mobile game for iOS, Android now available

Maybe you can do a better job than the people running Westworld in the show.


Westworld Mobile lets you run the park as you see fit, according to a tweet from Apple's App Store. You play as a new Delos employee, giving you the power to manage the park, including locations you recognize from the show, like Sweetwater, Las Mudas and Escalante. 

A large portion of your time in the game will be spent managing the hosts -- the artificially intelligent synthetic humans from the show -- and interacting with fan favorites like Delores, Maeve and Bernard. You can match hosts with guests too, catering to their desires whether they're yearning for adventure or into more... risqué pursuits.

Westworld Mobile is on both the Google Play and Apple App stores. If you preregistered at the official site, you can unlock access to the character Lawrence, get extra gems and coins, and unlock a basic host code pack as well as a crafting pack.

Check out the video below to see a CNET staffer try the game out:

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