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Westworld creators adapting William Gibson thriller for Amazon

There's no date set yet for the streaming version of The Peripheral, which brings together people from two future timelines.


The creators of HBO's Westworld have a new project in the works.

John P. Johnson/HBO

The showrunners of HBO's acclaimed series Westworld are keeping busy. Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan will adapt The Peripheral, a 2014 sci-fi thriller by William Gibson, as a drama for Amazon Studios, The Hollywood Reporter said Tuesday.

Gibson's novel alternates between two timelines, one in the near future and one 70 years after that. It's centered on Flynne Fisher, who begins working security shifts inside a virtual world, and starts to interact with a high-powered London publicist, Wilf Netherton, from outside her timeline.

Scott B. Smith, author of A Simple Plan and The Ruins, will write the script and serve as an executive producer. Smith was nominated for an Oscar for adapting A Simple Plan for the big screen in 1998.

Gibson is credited with coining the term "cyberspace" in his 1982 short story Burning Chrome, and later popularizing it in his 1984 novel Neuromancer.

No premiere date or casting information has yet been announced for The Peripheral.

The second season of Westworld premieres April 22. Our review is here.

Amazon made headlines recently for its plans to make a multipart streaming TV series out of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings book series.