Westinghouse's acrobatic HDTV

It's small but can contort itself to fit in tight spaces.

Tech Culture

In our longstanding tradition of featuring gadgets that do yoga, Crave is pleased to announce a first in the illustrious category: a contortionist television set.

Westinghouse has created a "flip-style" HDTV that can actually be folded, to a degree, to fit into the most cramped areas and corners of any given abode. The front bezel of the dual-hinged "Flexible Lifestyle Display" can be rotated 180 degrees on a tabletop, according to Electronic House, or the TV can be suspended from the wall or bottom of a cabinet, trapeze-style.

The PT-16H610S must maintain a petite frame to accomplish these feats, so its LCD is no larger than 16 inches. The set has full 1080p high-definition resolution, but we're frankly not sure if that's really necessary: If you're installing this in a Manhattan apartment where a hot plate passes for a gourmet kitchen, for example, your nose will probably never be more than 2 feet from the screen.

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