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Westeros and Zelda collide in 'Game of Hyrule' mashup video

The bloody acts of violence and wanton sex from "Game of Thrones" get crammed into Nintendo's squeaky clean fantasy universe (if you don't count the blatant butchering of chickens) in a new fan film.

"Game of Thrones" and The Legend of Zelda are two beloved fantasy franchises, but they seem like polar opposites. One exists in a universe caked in blood and sex scenes. The other lives in a world where hitting an opponent with a sword doesn't even cause dismemberment.

So what would happen if someone threw these two fantasy franchises into a meat grinder and started turning the crank? Chances are you'd get something very bloody but also very tasty.

YouTube channel MegaSteakMan has done just that with a mashup posted Monday called "Game of Hyrule." The short film takes the characters from Nintendo's beloved fantasy franchise and pits them against each other in a blood-soaked battle for control of the kingdom.

Last year, MegaSteakMan posted a parody video of the "Game of Thrones" opening title sequence, also called "Game of Hyrule," that was flavored with familiar images from the Zelda universe. All the channel needs now is a few thousand more impalements and nude scenes and it's got a full series.