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Western Digital adds TuneIn Radio to WD TV players

Western Digital's new firmware update adds TuneIn Radio and a few other features to its WD TV players.

A WD TV Live Plus displays Netflix content.
A WD TV Live Plus displays Netflix content. Dong Ngo/CNET

Western Digital announced today that it has released a firmware update that adds TuneIn Radio, the world's largest Internet radio guide with more than 30,000 free radio stations, to its WD TV players, including the WD TV Live, WD TV Live Plus, and WD TV Live Hub media center.

In addition, the update gives the WD TV Live Hub media center access to Deezer, a personalized on-demand music service that was already available on the WD TV Live and WD TV Live Plus.

The new firmware update, depending on the specific player, also offers better support for media files stored on connected hard drives, local networks, or the Internet. For those who want to update manually, the update can be downloaded for free here. WD TV players that are connected to the Internet also have the option to perform the update automatically.

According to Western Digital, since the launch of the first WD TV in 2008, the company has sold a combined number of about 2.5 million WD TV media players. This update should make the players even more enjoyable for consumers.

Now the company just needs to work on making them support the new 3TB hard drives and releasing a remote control app for smartphones like the one Seagate made for the GoFlex TV and FreeAgent Theater+.