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Western Digital 14TB hard drive sets storage record

The enterprise-class Ultrastar Hs14 drive is the world's first single drive to launch with this massive capacity.

Western Digital

Western Digital's Ultrastar Hs14 packs a massive 14TB capacity into a single drive -- a world's first -- and you can't have it. Not yet at least. 

The new enterprise-class drive falls under the company's HGST brand and is built for cloud and data centers. According to Western Digital, it has 40 percent more capacity and more than twice the write performance of its predecessor. 

Designed for sequential write environments, the 3.5-inch drives use host-managed shingled magnetic recording (SMR) technology (PDF) combined with WD's HelioSeal construction. The drive is hermetically sealed with helium, which allows for thinner disks and more of them while also reducing costs, cooling needs and power consumption. 

The drive is also quieter and has higher reliability, rated at 2.5 million hours. Full details on the Ultrastar Hs14 can be found on the HGST site