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A smart beachside town is paving the way for upgraded cities

Joondalup in Western Australia will get a smart car park, environmental sensors and even smart bins.


The world is getting smarter and smarter. Western Australia's beachside town of Joondalup is getting a smart-tech makeover with the help of Australian carrier Telstra, reports ZDNet.

Joondalup will get 32 smart bins that tell the local council when they need to be emptied. There will also be a smart car park that lets the council track free parking spaces and environmental sensors that monitor pollution, light, noise levels and humidity.

The local government will get a dashboard showing real-time data sent from these smart spaces. This will help run things more efficiently and reduce local traffic.

The move is likely a trial of sort for Telstra. Joondalup has an estimated population of around 150,000 -- not nothing, but much smaller than the 2 million in Western Australia's Perth or the 5 million-plus Sydney.

Joondalup is not the first area to get smart tech. Louisville, Kentucky has been tinkering with ways to make its city smarter and in 2014 Singapore declared it would be the world's first "smart nation".

For complete details, read the story at ZDNet.