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We're still holding out for a robo-porter

"Live Luggage" has motors in the wheels, but it's not quite enough for us.

Live Luggage

From the library to the golf course, the idea of personal robots that follow its masters around seems to be ready for prime time. And nowhere would they be more convenient than for luggage.

Alas, that day has yet to come, but a company called Live Luggage is taking a step in the right direction. Calling its showcase product "the world's first power-assisted suitcase," the luggage has built-in motors in the wheels and an "Anti-Gravity handle" that supposedly distributes weight in all the right places, according to CrunchGear.

The motors power up only when the wheels tilt at certain angles, making it somewhat automatic. But we're still holding out for "Tony," the fully robotic Russian suitcase.