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Welcome to your new Australian CNET!

Today, CNET is coming together as a worldwide team to deliver you tech news from wherever it happens, while giving you better Australian coverage than ever before.

Ignition! We have lift off!
Your worldwide CNET has lifted off! Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

Yes, CNET Australia looks different, but our changes are more than a fresh coat of paint. CNET Australia has now become a part of the worldwide CNET technology news and reviews website. Today, we bring our teams together across Australia, the UK, Asia, and the US to deliver the news to every reader from wherever the news is happening -- no duplication, less wasted effort, more time spent on unique and original coverage to suit readers in every region.

This means we can now serve you all the big news direct from our US counterparts as it happens, while spending more of our local efforts covering what matters to Australians. Plus, we can now show off great Australian innovations and startups to the whole world, as we publish not just for Australians, but for all CNET readers.

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So when major tech news breaks overseas, you'll see it on CNET fast. When that news has Australian repercussions, your Australian CNET team will follow up and get the extra information you want. When a universal product is reviewed elsewhere in the CNET team, you'll see it here. When that product has important local differences and features, we'll be extending these reviews with more local information, or reviewing separately to ensure we still give local readers the information they need to make well-informed tech buying decisions.

Getting around

There's a different way to read the new CNET. On the homepage you'll find our biggest stories of the moment, from here in Australia and around the world. Over on the right you'll find an Australian list of top product reviews, and on the upper left column you'll see the latest headlines specifically of interest to Australian readers.

If you want to get to a traditional 'river of news' view of the latest content published on CNET, head over to the News section, or visit

You'll now also find much deeper How To and Video content from our worldwide team, and we'll continue to deliver bigger and better best product lists and buying guides in the Reviews section. We're building out a better set of recommendation lists than ever, so keep checking in as these continue to be updated more consistently than ever before.

More local coverage than ever

To prepare for our big change, we've recently expanded the Australian editorial team in preparation for delivering more coverage out of the Australian office than ever. We have seven editorial staff here in our Sydney office, more than any other single tech publication in the country. That local team combined with a global CNET editorial team of more than 100 makes CNET by far the best place to catch all the tech news you care about.

The Australian team -- Lexy Savvides, Nic Healey, Michelle Starr, Claire Reilly, Dave Cheng, Luke Lancaster, and myself -- are all excited to make this transition. It's been years in the planning and we can't wait to deliver everything you could want of global interest right alongside the most important angles and information for Australian tech lovers. Of course, there's still a little bit of 'work in progress' as we make this transition, so please forgive a few bumps in the road as historic news and reviews merge into this new CNET website.