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Welcome To Media Sphere

Announcing Media Sphere, the new CNET blog by Josh Wolf focusing on the state of the media and what the future holds for a free press.

After Matt Smith at the SF Weeklyfirst reported on this project last week, a broad swath of engaging questions about this endeavor began to spring up. While I don?t have all the answers quite just yet, I think this would be a good opportunity to disavow those merit-less suspicions that festered after I tried to talk about this blog without revealing anything prematurely. So here goes:

Media Sphere is a semi-daily blog focused on the state of the media - both the alternative and mainstream press and everything in between. As a part of the new CNET Blog Network Media Sphere will be home to both original news and commentary on this landscape which is clearly in flux and heading towards uncertainty. Contrary to some of the thoughts percolating on the Internet, Media Sphere is not underwritten by a ?secret sponsor?, and will in no way be a smokescreen for guerrilla marketing endeavors. I have absolutely no plans to comment or review commercial products as a means to appease corporate sponsors and I vow to disclose any such agreements openly on the blog.

For those that don?t know who I am, my name is Josh Wolfand I recently spent a bit of time behind bars for upholding my ethics as a journalist. I?ve been an independent journalist and videoblogger for some time and am looking forward to using this forum as a means to help ignite a conversation around media literacy, and explore what the future holds.