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Welcome to Geneva

Welcome to Geneva

I arrived in Geneva at around 4:30 on Monday afternoon, after leaving San Francisco at around 4:30 on Sunday afternoon. That's not exactly 24 hours of travel, as Geneva is 9 hours ahead of the West Coast. The airport is right next to the Palexpo, the mammoth convention hall where the auto show is held. The convention center is more than 78,000 square yards and plays host to 900 different makes of car this year. With such a major show, every hotel room in Geneva is booked. My hotel is further up Lake Geneva, about 30 minutes by train. Fortunately, there's a train station at the airport, as it's just a few degrees above freezing and the snow is falling. The press gets two days at the auto show, then it's open to the public from March 2 through March 12.