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Welcome to Crave 2.0!

CNET's gadget blog gets a new design and looks ahead to covering even more crushworthy gear.

Welcome to Crave 2.0!

There have been a few changes here at Crave in the past week, and we wanted to bring them to your attention.

First, some of you may have noticed our new (OK, maybe just slightly tweaked) look. It's being rolled out to visitors in beta form a bit at a time, so if you don't see it yet, try not to panic. You will eventually.

Second, we're sad to say that Crave's founder and faithful caretaker since its birth in November 2006 has moved on. Starting this week, Mike Yamamoto will take his careful editor's eye, and his distrust of the creeping Hello Kitty-gadget empire, and move on to bigger and better things. (Although, really, such a scenario is impossible to imagine.) But we miss him already, and we wish him the best!

In other changes, you'll also notice our domain has changed, which reflects Crave taking a larger role at CNET News.

Crave Intro
Andrew Mager

That's where we come in. I'm Erica Ogg (pictured at left on iPhone 1.0 launch day last year), your new chief Crave correspondent. The fabulous Leslie Katz is the gal behind the scenes making sure all is functioning properly here at Crave Central, and together, we're your new Crave caretakers.

You've likely seen our bylines before here on Crave: Leslie has long been the editor of CNET News' personal-technology section, where I'm the consumer electronics and PCs reporter.

Much of what makes Crave great is staying the same: We continue to have an amazing staff at our disposal, including CNET's leading gadget reviewers, as well as the intrepid reporters from CNET News covering Apple, Microsoft, handsets, gadgets, notebooks, the latest chip technology, open source, photography, and more.

Plus, we have those wacky Brits over at Crave UK, and the gadget fanatics at CNET Asia and the CNET Blog Network to complement our coverage. And, as always, look out for our weekly Crave video show, hosted by kinetic electronics expert Brian Tong.

In all, Crave still has the same mission: to bring you news of the most Crave-able gadgets, from the utilitarian to the downright weird, but keep checking back as we continue to scour the globe for Craveworthy gear and add more photos, audio, and video.

But the best part is that we have you, our readers. We welcome your feedback, and especially your news tips. Inventing an amazing gizmo? We want to be the first to know. E-mail us at crave at cnet dot com.

Thanks for reading.

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