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​Welcome to #CNETatCES

This year we're making it even easier for you to feel like you're a part of the action in Las Vegas for the biggest tech show of the year. Introducing CES in Real Time.

This story is part of CES 2016. Our editors bring you complete CES 2016 coverage and scour the showroom floor for the hottest new tech gadgets around.

Hi folks,

I'm not one of the fantabulous writers you are used to reading here at CNET, but I'm the head of Product, and wanted to let you know about a shiny new thing here at CNET for CES 2016.

TL;DR: All of CNET's social media action from CES is happening in one easy-to-follow-along place.

Whether this is your first or 50th time reading about CES, CNET has the show covered -- solidly. More than 100 CNET editors (plus staff) from around the world convene in Las Vegas to bring you news and first takes from every nook and cranny at the show. With the explosion of social media-based storytelling tools like Instagram and Twitter, we've decided to bring you all the action, exactly as it happens, from our entire team, and all in one convenient place.

Why are we doing this? Last year our amazing editorial team had literally countless tweets (not literally, but too hard to count), instachats, snapbooks, etc, it was pretty impressive. It was also harder for you, dear readers, to find it all. So this year we took on the challenge of "How do we harness all the content and put it in one easy place for anyone to find?" -- boom, CES in Real Time. Now you can pull it up on any browser (mobile included, of course), and watch all the action as it happens!

  • Want to see John Falcone's reaction tweet as he discovers some amazing new device in Tech West? Check.
  • Watch Brian Tong or Cooley Periscope from the Convention Center? Got it.
  • See Bridget Carey's or Jessica Dolcourt's Instagrams as they walk the floor? Done.

Not only that, we've added two more fun features to the mix. First, you'll find the CES in Real Time feed visible as you browse any of our CES coverage, automatically updating, on the side of the screen (or you can click the button to the right to see it in full-screen). Second, we put in a "What's Trending" section (in the full-screen feed) that follows what you are clicking on and liking from the mix (no social registration needed!) so you can see what is catching the most attention and not miss a beat.

Why build all this? Not just to make it easy to find our tweets and whatnot, but because we know how much you love catching CES news as it happens. With CNET's unique real-time coverage; it's like being there on the ground with us at the show. Except you can do it from the coziness of your home office, or at your office, or in line at a Starbucks. Just please don't try it while driving your non-autonomous car.

I guess what happens in Vegas isn't going to be staying there too much this year...