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Weird Al the Magnificent and the mysterious floating orb

Fresh off his hit album "Mandatory Fun," Weird Al Yankovic takes to YouTube to demonstrate his newly found skills as a magician.

He's one of the most prominent parodists on the planet, and with a new YouTube video posted to his channel, we now know Weird Al Yankovic is a pretty crafty magician as well.

In the 16-second short, Weird Al the Magnificent magically makes a shiny orb float through the air. Yankovic "oohs" and "aahs" as he moves around to show you that he definitely isn't holding the orb up, before revealing that he's actually been hiding the handle for the soup ladle in his coat sleeve the whole time, and then turns to the stove and declares that it's soup time. It's a neat trick, which he said he learned from magician and comedian Justin Willman.

Very crafty, Yankovic, and perhaps a bit, ahem, tacky. But, you know, don't quit your day job. The world needs a Weird Al version of "All About that Bass," because there haven't been enough geeky parodies of that one yet.