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WeGame wants your game videos

New start-up WeGame has just launched a beta version of their site, which lets you record and share game videos.

WeGame, a user-generated content site for video games, announced the launch of the beta 1 version of their site today. At the risk of sounding like a marketing robot, the best way that I can explain the site is "YouTube for game videos." WeGame provides a free downloadable application that allows you to record in any of their currently supported games, which includes just about all of the hottest PC titles of the moment. After you record your video, the client allows you to easily upload to the site.

The actual site is fairly similar to other offerings from GameTrailers and GameVideos, but what will give them the edge is their recording client. The client can record either in regular Web video format, or in HD for the machinima enthusiasts. It has always been a huge pain to capture an in-game video, format it correctly, and upload it to a video site. WeGame simply solves that complication.