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Weekend Webware: Goodwidgets makes for snazzy photo sharing

Goodwidgets is a service that lets you share your pictures on your Web site or blog for free. It's also really good looking.

You might have noticed on my Trillian Astra review earlier this week that I used a sliding image-gallery widget to showcase all of the screenshots. That sliding image widget came from the folks at Goodwidgets, a service that provides users with seven free widgets for photo sharing.

Once you've picked your favorite widget, you can upload photos from Flickr, Photobucket, 23 photo-sharing service, or your hard drive. From there, you have a few options to tweak, like color schemes and how big you want it. When you're done adding photos and getting it just the way you want it, you can either share it with others or embed it in your blog or Web site. It's really simple.

What's interesting about the service is the paid element, where for two bucks you can purchase the widget. Buying the "pro" version allows you get rid of the Goodwidgets logo and lets you add more photos to your slide show. In the case of the light-box widget, purchasing the pro version bumps up the cap on photos from 36 all the way to 120.

Goodwidgets is a really neat widget service. Quite a few photo sharing widgets are out there (see Widgetbox's photo-viewer category), but the style and simplicity of Goodwidgets' selection makes your photo galleries look good. Below I've embedded a Goodwidget slide show that I assembled of a recent chocolate fondue party. Try not to lick your screen.