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Weekend Webware: Dailymotion video slideshows

Dailymotion users looking to create video slideshows out of photos and their music can now make pretty snazzy-looking ones with a built-in tool from Stupeflix.

Video host Dailymotion has quietly added a new feature for users who want to blend their digital photographs into slick-looking video slideshows.

The company has partnered with Stupeflix, a standalone media mash-up tool, to let users upload up to 30 photos, as well as an audio track that is turned into a video. This is distinctly different from companies like Animoto, that curate and maintain a collection of ready-to-go music tracks that can be used as the background music.

As for creating these slideshows, there's very little control over order and duration of the slides. Some might find this a big turn-off (at least I do). On the plus side, as your content is being uploaded, you get to see a preview of what the video will look like, complete with your music, which is a nice touch.

When done, the video is automatically added to your Dailymotion account in high-quality, but not high-definition--something that would be great for viewing your high-resolution photos in full screen. That said, Stupeflix charges $5 a video for that feature on its standalone service, so it's understandably missing from here. Dailymotion users also get a longer video playtime than they could get through Stupeflix's site, which caps off free video encodes at one minute; ours came close to running two.

A few things I'd like to see in a future version include more templates (right now you get to choose from four), a way to integrate videos (as Animoto does), and more control over what photos get grouped together. For now, the easiest way to do that is to take all the photos you plan to add, and putting them in a certain order on your computer, though this is too much work to do on a regular basis.

Below you can see our test video. All in all it took just a minute or so to upload the 28 photos used, and an 8MB music file, then another few minutes to process and go live on the site.

Testing video slideshows
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