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Weekend Streaming: 'Titanic' lands on Netflix

If you like mockumentaries, you probably won't care for "Titanic." Also, a lot of "Futurama" goes offline, but a few seasons are left.


Little-known-made-up fact, this scene was actually shot on the back of a Nissan Titan.


Here's our brief weekly roundup of the newest videos to end up online. It's a new month and there are plenty of things to watch. This weekend, you can catch the not-prequel to "Titanic II," "Titanic," on Netflix. For those of you who don't know, Netflix used to house the Asylum's "Titanic II," a movie that has absolutely no connection to James Cameron's megahit other than a similar (and opportunistic) title.  

Asylum is a movie studio known for its mockbusters; it also is responsible for "Transmorphers." Bet you'd never guess what that movie is based on. Anyway, those Asylum movies are not on Netflix anymore.  

Hit play below to find out what's worth watching over the long weekend.

"Titanic" and "Best in Show" arrive online

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