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Weekend Streaming: Sit down. It's time for 'The Defenders'

Your weekend is all set thanks to Netflix. "The Defenders" brings together some of your favorite Marvel heroes for eight episodes.


It doesn't matter how heroic you are, you will wait in an elevator like everyone else. 

Sarah Shatz/Netflix

Here's our weekly notifier on what to watch online. This week, we get to watch "The Defenders" on Netflix. We get eight of episodes of some likable Marvel heroes and that Iron Fist guy (because who likes Iron Fist?). 

Crackle also has some fun stuff for the weekend, like "Shaun of the Dead." How do we explain this film? It's awesome. Watch it. And watch it for free on Crackle in August, dagnabit! 

Listen to this guy for more weekend picks:

Do the opposite of tanning this weekend

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