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Weekend Streaming: Brock Lesnar takes on Samoa Joe

There's lots to stream online this weekend, including WWE's latest event, "Castlevania," and some great classic comedies from an unexpected source.

WWE Great Balls of Fire 2017

There's been a very fun build for this match. Could be fun or incredibly disappointing!


Here's our brief weekly roundup of the newest videos to end up online. This time, we looked around the web to find great new content to watch. As you could see with the title of this post, WWE is holding a new live event and it's called "Great Balls of Fire." Yes, that is the name. While the name is silly, the event card is quite good. Former UFC champion Brock Lesnar defends his Universal championship against Samoa Joe in a match that is much anticipated.

We even found some free stuff to watch this time. brought some underrated programs online, including the second season of "The Critic." You can also check out the first two episodes of "Preacher" season 2 for free at (and lt's legal, too). 

There's a lot more to know, so hit play to find out what's worth watching.

"Great Balls of Fire" streams live on July 9

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