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Week in videos: It's a plane! It's a car! It's both?

Sometime in the next few years, a plane/car hybrid vehicle could be the ticket to get you to your destination. No? How about an electric motorcycle.

This week, CNET's Michael Kanellos takes a look at a couple of vehicles that could one day drastically change the way you get around town.

First is the Transition, a hybrid airplane/car that could lift you from the road to the air for those long road trips.

Meanwhile, California-based company Zero Motorcycles already has its electric motorcycle on the market. With speeds up to 60 mph, it has more power than its nearly noiseless operation would lead you to believe.

And finally, StartForce, a company based in Mountain View, Calif., showed off its browser-based OS at the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit this week, with an impressive collection of features including a music player.

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Ever wanted to fly your car instead of taking that five-hour road trip? Terrafugia, a company founded by MIT graduates, hopes to make that a reality in the near future with the Transition, a hybrid plane/car with collapsible wings.

Zero Motorcycles makes bikes that run on batteries but can go up to 60 mph. CNET's Michael Kanellos stopped by to take a look at one of the bikes and take it for a test drive.

From the AlwaysOn Stanford Summit in Palo Alto, Calif., StartForce CEO Jin Koh gives a demo of his company's Web operating system, a Windows-like platform that encourages others to build on top of it.