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Week in video: New iPods and a 21st century bike

Apple's new iPod Touch, revisiting the iPhone and a bike you can race at home.

Apple topped off the news this week with its announcements of new iPods and a cheaper iPhone.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs headlined another much-hyped press event in San Francisco this week, where he unveiled what many people were hoping for--. Lacking in some features, notably a camera and an e-mail client, the new iPod Touch should still be a very hot item once it hits the shelves later this month.

And Webware's Rafe Needleman revisits the iPhone, this time during the Office 2.0 conference, where each attendee was handed a free iPhone just for showing up. He talks to developers and attendees about what they think about the gadget's role in business, both today and what may lie ahead in the future.

CNET's Michael Kanellos is a cyclist enthusiast. So when he heard about an exercise bike that lets you race people from around the world through an Internet connection, he had to check it out. Take a look at the bike in action.

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In San Francisco, Apple CEO Steve Jobs introduces the iPod Touch, an iPod with almost all the same features of an iPhone, but without the phone.

From the Office 2.0 conference in San Francisco, Webware's Rafe Needleman talks with software developers and business users about the iPhone's potential as a business device.

The Ergo Bike Premium 8i from Germany's Daum Electronics is not your standard exercise bike. CNET's Michael Kanellos gives it a test ride at City Cycle in San Francisco.