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Week in video: Eco-friendly home, Web-friendly Photoshop

A green prefab home that feels luxurious, and Photoshop coming to a Web site near you.

This week, CNET's Michael Kanellos got a look at the now complete version of a prefab house he visited back in a factory in Oroville, Calif. And Adobe made news at the Max 2007 conference, where it showed off Photoshop Express for the first time.

Adobe had a Steve Jobs-like reception, complete with whoops and cheers, when it showed off its online version of Photoshop at a developers conference in Chicago. If the Web application is truly as easy as it looks, look out for quite a demand for it. See a demo of the application being used to crop, balance color and more.

Who ever thought a green home could be this luxurious? In part two of Kanellos' series following the building of a green home, he takes a tour of the completed home, which has enough tucked-away storage to make an RV jealous.

And during a tour of the Michelle Kaufmann-designed green home, Kanellos also stumbled across something that caught his eye--a burning fireplace with no chimney. Using green tech, this pricey, but potentially trendy, fireplace could be a good solution to the old log burner.

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Watch a demo of Photoshop Express, as sample photos are manipulated using the Web app's online tools.

CNET's Michael Kanellos takes a look at a newly built, green-conscious prefab home.

EcoSmart Fire has come out with a fireplace that runs on ethanol--no venting needed.