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Tech Industry

Week in Review: October 21-25

For those who were unable to keep up with technology news during the week, we offer a roundup of the week's highlights.

For those who were unable to keep up with technology news during the week and would like to get caught up, we offer a roundup of the week's highlights:

 In Business 

Wired Ventures abruptly canceled plans to sell stock to the public. The move suggests that the Internet IPO train has finally left the station as investors have grown cautious of "story stocks" and are more interested in whether a company's business model makes sense (and, more importantly, dollars and cents). Besides Wired, how many other companies will be left standing on the station?
Wired pulls plug on IPO
"Conceptual" IPOs challenged
Net changes IPO rules

 In Intranets 

Microsoft's vision for corporate development, both on and off the Web, is getting clearer. At a developer conference next week it will focus on a feature of Explorer 4.0 that allows publishers to automatically "push" content to users' desktops rather waiting for them to visit a Web site.
Microsoft developers' conference in works
Visual Basic 5.0 in final beta
MS visualizes new deals
Fog clearing over Cairo

 In Computing 

Competition in network computers (NCs) is starting to heat up. A year after IBM took its first stab at the NC concept with the IBM Network, the company is adding power for dealing with Web graphics.
IBM fattening up "thin client"
Cyrix readies sealed-case PC blitz
Battle lines drawn for NCs

 In The Net 

There are no "rules of the road" on the Internet. The short cuts include hackers who can disguise Navigator to look like Explorer and an entrepreneur who can steer you around sites deemed naughty for pornographic or political reasons.
Browsers masquerade as IE
Service hurdles Net blockers
Porn hoax suspected