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Week in review: Oct. 28-Nov. 1

For those unable to keep up with technology news during the week, we offer the highlights of recent days.

For those who were unable to keep up with technology news during the week, we offer the following highlights:

 In Computing 

While controversy raged over whether Apple was killing Copland and building a brand-new operating system, the Macintosh maker went about its newly aggressive price slashing and introduced new products in a bid to destroy the Microsoft-Intel hegemony.
Power Macs get kindest cut
Apple plants a seed
Power in hands of Newton
New notebook for students

 In Business 

The business gods were not doling out any favors this week. Just ask people in the computer retail business or investors looking to make a killing on software stocks. These investors know things are really bad when power outages prevent them from doing online trading.
Retailers on the run
Software volatility hurts stocks
Outages affect online transactions

 In The Net 

America Online had a busy week. Cutting prices was the least of its concerns.
AOL shifts prices, execs
AOL may set accounting trend
AOL pricing sends ISPs running
Alleged AOL spammers sound off

 In Computing 

NC activity heated up this week as Sun showed off its JavaStation and Gates and Grove gushed about the NetPC.
Sun gets tough with JavaStation
Gates, Grove gaga over NetPC
Monorail speeds sealed PC

 In The Net 

Ready for some Net shopping? Some say you can't conduct business on the Internet. Don't tell the folks having the virtual garage sales or the people pitching wine to a worldwide audience.
Net garage sale sells software surplus
Virtual Vineyards pushes World Wide Wine
Netcom rents cyberspace