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Week in review: Apple harvests iPods, Apple TV

Social-networked iTunes accompanies new iPods, while other companies look for a piece of digital distribution pie. Also: Net neutrality

Apple has refreshed its iPod line and unveiled a new version of Apple TV.

During Apple's annual music-focused event in San Francisco, CEO Steve Jobs took the wraps off three new iPods: an iPod Shuffle that ditches the previous no-button style in returning to a more classic look; a smaller iPod Nano that now has a touch screen but can no longer play video; and a thinner iPod Touch that has most of the features first introduced on the iPhone 4.

Apple announced iTunes 10, available immediately, which comes with a new logo and a social music service called Ping that lets you see what your friends are listening to and make comments and recommendations.
•  The mystery of the disappearing Facebook-Ping integration

Jobs also unveiled a much cheaper and smaller Apple TV as Apple tries to revive interest in what Jobs has long called a "hobby." Shipping later this month, it will cost $99 and will let people rent HD TV shows from iTunes as well as other partners, such as ABC and Fox.
•  Music publishers haven't OK'd longer iTunes samples
•  Apple streams music event--to Apple devices
•  Videos: Jobs demos iPod, iTunes, Apple TV updates
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More headlines

Sony announces cloud-based music service

On the same day Apple displays its digital music dominance, an electronics rival says it'll offer streaming music over the Net.
•  For 99 cents, Amazon sells shows, Apple rents them
•  Report: Amazon working on streaming service

FCC appears to delay Net neutrality rules

Instead of announcing a vote on new broadband regulations, federal regulators ask for "further inquiry" into whether Net neutrality should apply to wireless networks.
•  AT&T: Net rules must allow 'paid prioritization'
•  IETF: AT&T's Net neutrality claim is 'misleading'

Exclusive deals make 3D TV audience even smaller

More and more sporting events are being broadcast in 3D, but exclusive distribution deals limit who can see what.
•  Panasonic's push: Record your own 3D video
•  Sony: PS3 3D Blu-ray playback coming in October

Intel to buy Infineon's wireless unit for $1.4 billion

World's largest chipmaker is buying Infineon's wireless unit as it seeks to boost its presence in smartphones.
•  3M to buy biometrics firm Cogent for $943 million

Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to manufacturers

With most of the engineering done, Microsoft releases Windows Phone 7 to its OEM and carrier partners for final customization in preparation for a holiday launch.
•  Photos: Digging into Windows Phone 7

Angry Digg users flood home page with Reddit links

Longtime users express frustration with dramatic changes made to the social-news site, attempting to carpet-bomb the front page with links to a rival site.
•  Digg confirms ex-Amazon exec as new CEO

RIM sidesteps BlackBerry ban in India

Indian officials say they will not ban BlackBerry services while they evaluate solutions that would allow them to satisfy security requirements.
•  India wants local servers from RIM, Google, Skype

HP wins 3Par bidding war with $2.4 billion offer

Dell walks away from the storage company after a bidding war that started at $18 a share and ended up with Hewlett-Packard's winning offer of $33 a share.
•  HP gets OK to buy back $10 billion of stock
•  HP to pay $55 million to settle kickback allegations
•  Mark Hurd to exit News Corp.'s board

EPA proposes grading system for car fuel economy

Fuel economy labels for new passenger cars are being upgraded so consumers can compare electric cars and plug-in hybrids with conventional vehicles.

Google adds home efficiency tips to PowerMeter's home electricity monitoring Web app gets feature for organizing energy efficiency jobs, putting PowerMeter in more direct competition with Microsoft's Hohm.
•  Audit finds PG&E smart meters accurate

Also of note
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