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Week in pictures: Vista in view, Apple store cube

roundup Microsoft preps consumers for Vista, WMP 11, while Apple wows with glass palace, new MacBooks.

Microsoft preps consumers for Vista, WMP 11, while Apple wows with glass palace, new MacBooks. Also: Online games and Berlin airshow.

Microsoft's Upgrade Advisor lets people know whether their computer can run the Windows update. May 18, 2006

Seeking to unseat Apple's iPod, Microsoft overhauls Media Player and integrates MTV's Urge music service. May 15, 2006

Apple's latest retail undertaking is an underground N.Y. store marked by a street-level glass cube. May 18, 2006

A look at the 13-inch MacBook, the newest member of Apple's family of Intel-based laptops. May 16, 2006

The final member of Apple's Intel-based laptop family comes in three models, starting at $1,099 for a 1.83GHz processor. May 16, 2006

At the Berlin Air Show, military and civilian airplane shoppers can see everything from drones to Airbuses. May 18, 2006

GameTap is bringing back Cyan's "Uru Live," in large part because of the passionate community that kept Uru alive for two years on its own. May 18, 2006

Game lets teens create computer-generated characters, complete with cool haircuts and dance moves. May 14, 2006

L.A. exhibit highlights game artists who push the limits of technology or tell stories with subtler, more complex imagery. May 15, 2006

One Walkman phone includes motion sensor and fitness software programs to track exercise while a person listens to music. May 18, 2006

Apple fans waiting for a 13-inch MacBook got a surprise when security guards tackled a man suspected of stealing iPod accessories. May 16, 2006

Yahoo has made several incremental changes to its home page over the years, but it has held onto the same basic framework. May 16, 2006

Sony has announced a fully functioning pocket-size PC and a Blu-ray-enabled notebook available for sale this summer. May 15, 2006

Advanced Micro Devices' next-generation core is designed to maintain its lead over Intel. May 16, 2006

The Hannover upgrade of Lotus Notes will include Workplace office-productivity applications. May 16, 2006

Is it an escaped ceiling fan? Nope. It's a remote-controlled flying reconnaissance robot. Flying robot May 17, 2006

RIAA is suing XM Satellite Radio over recording devices that store up to 50 hours of programming. May 17, 2006

IBM and Fuji Photo devise system that can hold 15 times more data than most popular types of magnetic tape on the market today. May 15, 2006