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Week in pictures: Rome and remembrance

roundup Online images reflect gatherings in honor of the late pontiff. Also: Aspiring coders face off in retro Atari contest.

Pilgrims to Rome go online to share photos of historic events marking pope's death. Also: Aspiring coders face off in retro Atari contest.

Remembering the pope

Honoring the pope

Pilgrims to Rome go online to share images from a week of services dedicated to the memory of John Paul II.
April 8, 2005

Zeroing in

Google: Where in the world?

New feature gives people bird's-eye view of locations they search for, as Net giant seeks to outdo rivals.
April 5, 2005

An angry Atari princess

Atari goes back to the future

How do you top the 8-bit graphics of old? Can you? Aspiring coders give it a shot, in a contest that honors the aesthetics of the past.
April 6, 2005

Moxi's Moxi Mini

Mac Mini's twin?

Moxi looks to break into the cable mainstream, and part of its effort is a little box that looks a whole lot like the Mac Mini.
April 7, 2005

iPods on campus

iPods on campus

Incoming students at Duke University shouldn't count on getting free iPods anymore.
April 6, 2005

eMachines T6212

Gateways for gamers

Desktop PCs aimed at digital-media fans will be available for prices below $600.
April 4, 2005

Micro Air Vehicle

This robot flies

Honeywell is testing a flying robot with two cameras that deliver live video feeds to U.S. soldiers on the ground.
April 4, 2005