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Week in pictures: Planetary hues, bird's-eye views

roundup The unexpectedly hardy Mars rovers keep on clicking, as satellites zoom in on Saturn's moons and Earth's ice.

The unexpectedly hardy Mars rovers keep on clicking, as satellites zoom in on Saturn's moons and Earth's ice. Also: Microsoft's bird's-eye view and backstage at Cirque du Soleil.

For far longer than anyone expected, Spirit and Opportunity have been exploring the red planet. December 6, 2005

Earth takes on a striking appearance as satellites monitor changes to its frozen regions. December 8, 2005

The Cassini spacecraft delivers some new photos of the ringed planet's unusual moons. December 6, 2005

Windows Live Local integrates local search, mapping, driving directions and yellow pages with a bird's-eye view of locations. December 8, 2005

Pro basketball fans will soon be able to access footage of any play their heart desires. Here's how. December 9, 2005

Under the giant blue and yellow tent, technology is everywhere, even if the audience hardly knows it. December 5, 2005

Japan is still a leader in product design and innovation. Here are some new and notable gadgets. December 8, 2005

SwarmSketch enlists the masses to build online artwork on topics that bubble up from the Web itself. December 8, 2005

Thanks to Beck's new video, Qrio, a robot manufactured by Sony, is now a rising cyberstar. December 6, 2005

Searching for a niche

While Wall Street clamors for a piece of Google, start-ups are trying to fill in the technology niches. December 6, 2005

Wind turbines provide significant amounts of energy using only the natural power of the wind. December 7, 2005

A creature that looks like a cross between a cat and a fox is photographed in the rainforest. December 7, 2005, AOL's new online magazine, promises inside scoops on Hollywood's hottest stars. December 8, 2005

Company debuts beta of transit trip planner, which tries to map out the most direct route for public-transportation users. December 8, 2005

Initial predictions for Intel's high-end server chip lost steam as the years passed. December 7, 2005

Intel rallies high-end server makers to the chip's cause at IDF. December 7, 2005

First look at energy-thrifty systems based on Sun's UltraSparc T1 processor. December 5, 2005