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Week in pictures: Nano work, camera tricks

roundup While some researchers poke into the nanotech depths, others are making digital cameras do double duty.

While some researchers are poking and probing into the depths of nanotechnology, others are making digital cameras do twice as much work. Also: Fiorina bows out.

diamond chip

Nanotech work turns on a dime

Researchers at Stanford use some tiny tools to extract material from a diamond chip perched on a coin.
February 9, 2005

hybrid cameras

New cameras do double duty

Some digital cameras now can simultaneously take high-quality video and still photographs. Here's an early sampling.
February 10, 2005

Fiorina on stage

Fiorina on stage

Carly Fiorina steps down from the top spot at HP after five and a half years.
February 9, 2005

Live at VSLive

Scenes from VSLive

From a doctor-patient demo of Indigo to an iPod water protector, Microsoft's trade show is trying to "live" up to its name.
February 8, 2005

Apollo computer

Blastoff flashback

The Apollo Guidance Computer from the 1969 moon shot gets a new lease on life at the hands of a tech hobbyist.
February 10, 2005

Valentine's Day stunt

Bachelor in a bubble stunt has Australian lifeguard enclosed in a bubble while he waits for the perfect Valentine's Day date.
February 10, 2005

'Warcraft' art

The colorful 'World of Warcraft'

Praised for its striking visuals, "Warcraft" has become one of the world's fastest-selling computer games.
February 10, 2005

Go Daddy ad

Go Daddy's Super Bowl ad

Commercial spoofed Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" from last year's halftime show, and the ensuing brouhaha.
February 8, 2005

X ray to iPod

From X ray to iPod

UCLA radiologists didn't have enough space on hard discs to store high-res images. So they turned to Apple music players.
February 7, 2005

Fingerprints and face scans

Biometrics on guard

From fingerprints to iris scans, technology is being used to guard borders, corporate data and more.
February 7, 2005