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Week in pictures: Milestones for Apple, Palm

roundup Apple celebrates 30 years, and Palm observes a decade of handhelds. Also: Rockets, planes, PCs and flames.

Apple celebrates 30 years and Palm observes a decade of handhelds. Also: Rockets, planes, PCs and flames.

Evolution of the Mac user interface

The UI's main developer documented his work in the '70s and early '80s in a series of Polaroids. See them here. March 28, 2006

Postcards from the Mac faithful

What Apple products mean to CNET readers. March 29, 2006

The art of being a Mac fan

Apple devotees have a style all their own. March 29, 2006

Time line: Three decades of Apple innovation

The products, people and events that shaped the Mac maker. March 29, 2006

It's been 10 years since Palm launched its first handhelds. Check out the gradual changes in its PDAs over time. March 25, 2006

For the second time in a week, rocket researchers put new supersonic technology to the test. March 30, 2006

UAVs prowl the skies over Iraq and along the border of Mexico--and they might soon fly more widely in U.S. airspace. March 29, 2006

First attempt by Space Exploration Technologies to launch a low-cost rocket ends quickly. But backer and Internet billionaire Elon Musk isn't finished. March 27, 2006

A total eclipse where the moon completely blocks out the sun dazzled onlookers from Brazil to northern Mongolia. March 29, 2006

The Intel-powered Community PC is part of an effort to extend technology access to remote communities. March 30, 2006

Not only does "Nellie," a member of Valentines Performing Pigs, get to visit Microsoft, the "world's smartest pig" is being cloned. March 30, 2006

Convergence 2006 plays host to the MASS (Music Architecture Sonic Sculpture) Ensemble, a group known for its unusual instruments. March 27, 2006

Socially conscious science dominates finals of contest meant to help new businesses woo venture capital. March 27, 2006