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Week in pictures: Mac does Windows

roundup Apple releases beta software that lets Windows run on a Mac. Also: Linux, TI and Electric Sheep.

Apple releases beta software that lets Windows run on a Mac. Also: Linux, TI and Electric Sheep.

A look at the application that lets Intel-based Macs natively run Windows XP. April 5, 2006

Nicolas Negroponte shows a LinuxWorld audience the inexpensive machine. April 4, 2006

From the transistor radio to the Speak and Spell, TI played a crucial role in creating many key concepts and markets of the electronic age. April 5, 2006

Researchers demonstrate flat lenses with focusing power that adjusts based on what the person is viewing. April 4, 2006

Researchers are working on ways to implant tiny electrodes in the eye and help restore vision to the blind. April 4, 2006

A small start-up is helping big companies make their mark on the virtual world. April 3, 2006

Maxim magazine celebrated its 100th issue by building a giant billboard to be featured by Google Earth. April 6, 2006

Microsoft shows off an upgraded version of its best-selling wireless optical mouse and two new desktop mice. April 4, 2006

SRI is a nonprofit that's been instrumental to the development of everything from robotic surgery to the computer mouse. April 3, 2006

Samsung Electronics uses the CTIA Wireless 2006 trade show in Las Vegas to highlight several new mobile phones. April 5, 2006

Researchers at MIT Media Lab have developed device that "reads minds" and alerts wearers to emotional state of person they're talking to. April 4, 2006

Kevin Kettler describes the mechanics of virtualization in a speech at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo in Boston. April 5, 2006

The new humanoid gadget from Japan's Speecys is designed to download content such as news, quizzes and commercial programming.April 3, 2006

Drives linked to a network router by an Ethernet connection are finally ready for the home. April 4, 2006