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Week in pictures: Game on

roundup Gamers at E3 get a dose of next-gen consoles, games and 'booth babes.'

Gamers at E3 get a dose of next-gen games, old faves and 'booth babes.' Also: Xbox, Wii, PS3, Frag Dolls and Nascar-type power tools.

Casual games like "Zuma" and "Bejeweled" are helping the game industry reach a demographic that was previously largely untapped. May 12, 2006

Not all companies at E3 have taken into account new booth babe rules requiring women to cover their midsections. May 11, 2006

At E3, Nintendo showed off their new Wii game console along with its motion-sensitive controllers. May 9, 2006

At E3, gamers clamor for a chance to play their favorite titles of yesteryear. May 10, 2006

At E3, new devices add mobility and excitement to the next-generation of games. May 11, 2006

Visitors get an eyeful of future games and consoles, and a chance to try them out. May 11, 2006

It's a bizarro world version of Nascar when belt sanders and chain saws burn rubber. May 8, 2006

Competitors find out who has won a coveted spot on Ubisoft's all-women professional video game team. May 9, 2006

Prettier, more powerful and more affordable than ever, solar panels are popping up all over central California subdivisions. May 11, 2006

Triptych monitors and multibiometric logins are among new technologies featured at the Center for Information Work (CIW). May 10, 2006

Company executives talk new projects at the Googleplex. May 10, 2006

New service promotes products using infomercials, how-to's and other snippets. May 8, 2006

CNET reporter Elinor Mills experiments with various Web-based calendar applications. May 8, 2006

Sun's Scott McNealy shows off his golf prowess at a Symantec customer conference. May 9, 2006

HP's notebook lineup is getting a spring makeover as more and more PC companies recognize the importance of design. May 9, 2006