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Week in pictures: Future of flight

roundup Paris Air Show features sleek "Neuron" aircraft and solar-powered design. Also: Cell phone makers eye younger crowd.

At the Paris Air Show, visitors get a glimpse of the futuristic "Neuron" aircraft. Also: Cell phone makers zoom in on camera phones, younger crowd.

Neuron aircraft

At the 46th Paris Air Show, visitors get a glimpse at tomorrow's aircraft.
June 17, 2005

The Sony Ericsson S600

Calling on younger generation

Sony Ericsson introduces new phones including a "style conscious" model and a lightweight 3G phone.
June 13, 2005

Nokia 6280 3G

Nokia focuses on camera phones

Company offers new phones that add video options, including higher resolution cameras and real-time video.
June 13, 2005

Portrait by Hugo Solo

Photography site showcases self-portraits taken in mirrors, artwork, silverware and, yes, even a cat's eye.
June 10, 2005

Taming your Outlook in-box

Hardscrabble entrepreneurs Frank Kang and Brad Meador want to tame your Outlook in-box.
June 13, 2005

SC X105L Sports Camcorde

SC X105L Sports Camcorder is smaller than some cell phones.
June 12, 2005

Smart-drive technology

Little big drive

M-Systems' 256MB keychain device is just one of a number of diminutive new "smart drives."
June 14, 2005