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Week in pictures: Far-out tech

roundup There's nothing ordinary on the cutting edge, whether it's "extreme textiles," fuel cells--or yesteryear's TVs.

There's nothing ordinary about work done on the cutting edge, whether it's today's efforts to make high-tech fabrics and alternative energy sources, or yesteryear's early take on the television.

High-tech fabrics

Weaving high-tech fabrics

"Extreme textiles" have applications in space exploration, architecture and other high-performance arenas.
April 12, 2005

The third-place entry

Flash of inspiration

Purdue students win annual Rube Goldberg contest with a creation that changes batteries in a flashlight.
April 12, 2005

Powering the news

Tech gets fuelish

Start-up targets what it sees as a commercially viable market for hydrogen fuel cells: the evening news.
April 12, 2005


Notebooks pump up with gas

IBM and Sanyo Electric develop a prototype of a methanol-based fuel cell system for IBM ThinkPads.
April 11, 2005

GE's Octagon TV

The bleeding edge of TV

We've come a long way since the days of the GE's "Octagon" 4-inch television. Check out these images from TV's past.
April 11, 2005

Tungsten E2

Tungsten's on the road again

PalmOne's new Tungsten E2 handheld features a brighter color screen, flash memory and Bluetooth technology.
April 13, 2005

Ads in games

Ads get some action

New York start-up Massive will let game publishers boost profits by inserting dynamic ads into games.
April 10, 2005


Battling harpies and international thugs

New games bring to life the horror of the Hydra and the smarminess of infowarriors.
April 9, 2005

Outside the basilica

Remembering the pope

Photos of an historic day in which millions view the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
April 8, 2005