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Week-end Web Sites

Week-end Web Sites

a. MacWEEK has an interview with some Apple executives, where they discuss Rhapsody and other topics of interest. Another MacWEEK article summarizes all the different type of memory and their acronyms (such as DRAM and EDO RAM).

A MacInTouch column in MacWEEK summarizes thevarious problems with 5500/6500 Macs.

b. The Macintosh Guide Book is "a comprehensive guide of every model of Apple Macintosh and Mac OS-Compatible."

c. Macintosh Testimonial Pages contain collections of user experiences withvarious Macintosh systems, add-ons, Macintosh vendors, and anything else related to the Mac.

d. Macworld has a useful article describing all the different ways set up an Ethernet network with your Macs and/or peripherals.

e. The PowerBook Source covers the issue of performance differences between large RAM modules that use 32 megabit DRAM devices vs. those that use the faster 64 megabit DRAM devices.

f. Bruce Giles informs me that his ever-useful The Generic Icon Pages and Miscellaneous Mac Matters web sites have been updated and have new URLs. The former site in particular is a great source of info on this all-too-common problem.

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