Week-end Updates & Web Sites

Week-end Updates & Web Sites

a. SmoothType 1.2 is now available. According to author Greg Landweber, it is an order of magnitude faster and uses about one third as much RAM as previous version.

b. Finder Windows 1.2.2 fixes a few bugs in Finder Windows 1.2.1. It includes all the features of version 1.2.1, such as an optional menu icon, an optional startup icon, menu shortcut customization, and balloon help. It also alphabetizes the list of windows in the menu and reduces the size of the startup code by almost 20%.

c. OT/PPP Strip 1.0 is out. This utility (for connecting online via OT/PPP from a Control Strip module) fixes problems that the previous versions had with low memory conditions (particularly leading to 1010 errors in the Chooser), as reported here before.

d. Abbot Systems has just released a new version of their Scorpio word processor. It is a great replacement for SimpleText: its small but more powerful. A free demo version is available.

e. The Power Mac Benchmarks Page now has results for eight different Power Mac upgrade configurations: (Thanks, Dale Sorenson.)

f. Ask AppleBoy, a web site that offered free technical support for the Mac has been expanded to include Windows and UNIX support. In recognition of this, they have changed their name to No Wonder.

g. ShareTheMac City is a web site devoted to providing links to and information about Mac shareware.

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