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Week-end updates

Week-end updates

A policy note: While I know that posting update information is of interest to readers, covering the release of program updates is one of the least rewarding things I do. This is because I often have very little to say about the program other than that it is released and because this type of news is the most likely to have already been covered on other web sites - from Version Tracker (which specializes in such listings) to more general news sites (such as MacInTouch and MRP). As such, I am henceforth going to try to restrict my coverage of updates. I will continue to report updates of: (a) troubleshooting utilities (such as TechTool); (b) programs that include bug fixes to significant problems, especially those noted here before (such as today's RAM Doubler 2.0.2); (c) major new releases (such as the forthcoming ClarisWorks 5); and (d) any other update that strikes my interest for one reason or another. For the rest, check the multitude of other web sites that report this stuff. This will give me more time to focus on the troubleshooting reports that you won't find on the other sites. Of course, any new update that becomes the focus of troubleshooting issues (such as bug reports) will be covered in any case.

That said, here are a couple of updates of note:

Yank 2.0.1 is out and in the Download Library. Fixed a bug: Yank would on occasion ask to move a file to the Trash when the file was already in the Trash-fixed.
Default Folder is up to 2.7.6.
Iomega has finally posted version 5.0.3 of its Zip and Jaz Tools online (this is the version that already ships with Mac OS 8). The web page currently says 5.0.1; but the links say 5.0.3. Note that Virginia Lindsey reports problems with getting disconnected prior to the download completing.

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