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Week ahead: Power to the penguin

Linux faithful will gather for LinuxWorld in London, while a star-studded cast of Net executives speak at Web 2.0 in San Francisco.

Following are some of the notable technology-related events scheduled for the week of Oct. 3. Linux fans will gather at LinuxWorld this week in London to hail the growing influence of the open-source operating system.

Sun Microsystems will be among those presenting at the show. Sun has been criticized by Linux seller Red Hat for insufficient open-source support. But Simon Phipps, Sun's chief technology evangelist, will give a keynote speech that argues that Sun is "the company committed to the most open-source projects."

In San Francisco, a star-studded cast of technology executives are slated to speak at Web 2.0, including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, CEO Marc Benioff, Opsware Chairman and Netscape co-founder Marc Andreessen, and renowned tech stock analyst Mary Meeker.

The Fall Microprocessor Forum will take place in San Jose, Calif. The conference is now a combination of the Microprocessor Forum and the Embedded Processor Forum and will be held twice a year. Sun will discuss its UltraSparc IV+ processor, code-named Panther, and is expected to tout its server performance improvements.

On the Washington beat, the Supreme Court is expected to reach a decision on whether or not the court will hear an appeal on the Do Not Call case. On Monday, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Michael Powell is scheduled to hold a press conference on the transition to digital television. Thursday, the FCC will hold an RFID workshop.

In the world of video games, top players will compete for thousands of dollars in prize money during the grand finals of the World Cyber Games in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, tech earnings take a break.

The information was gathered from Thomson First Call, Hoover's Online and CNET Investor.

Events scheduled this week:

Tech Events

Monday, Oct. 4

  • Vortex 2004 is coming to Santa Barbara, Calif., Oct. 4-6.

Tuesday, Oct. 5

  • The Web 2.0 conference will be in San Francisco, Sept. 5-7.

  • The e-Discovery conference will be in New York, Oct. 5-7

Wednesday, Oct. 6

  • The LinuxWorld conference is scheduled to make a stop in London, Oct. 6-7.

  • The world's top video game players will be gathering to compete for prize money at the World Cyber Games in San Francisco, Oct. 6-10.

Economic Reports

Thursday, Oct. 7

  • Initial Claims is the weekly total of new claims filed for unemployment compensation. expects 345,000 claims for the week ended Oct. 2, from 369,000 the previous week.