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Week ahead: Oracle earnings, wireless confab

The company is ready to roll out its quarterly earnings report. Meanwhile, wireless technology and techniques for managing corporate content take the trade show stage.

Following are some of the notable tech-related events scheduled for the week of March 7.

Oracle is preparing to roll out its quarterly earnings report, one of the few significant events in a relatively quiet period.

Wireless technology, and techniques and technologies for managing enterprise content, get their own trade shows, but they may be overshadowed by anticipation surrounding CeBit, set for later in the month.

The information was gathered from First Call, Hoover's Online and CNET Investor.

Events scheduled this week:

Tech Events

Monday, March 8

  • At the Wireless & Mobile Summit 2004, industry players will get a sense of which wireless products will succeed in the future. They'll also take a look at security issues--one of the major concerns surrounding the technology. March 8-10, Chicago.

  • Technologies to develop, manage and store documents and digital content will be discussed at the AIIM Expo Conference & Exhibition, March 8-10, New York.


Tuesday, March 9

  • Net2Phone develops VoIP technology. It's expected to report a second-quarter loss of 11 cents a share.

Thursday, March 11
  • Satellite TV provider EchoStar Communications is expected to report a fourth-quarter profit of 10 cents a share.

  • Chipmaker National Semiconductor is expected to report a third-quarter profit of 41 cents a share.

  • Oracle, a database and business applications software developer, is expected to report a third-quarter profit of 12 cents a share.

Economic Reports

Thursday, March 11

  • Retail sales measures total receipts from U.S. stores. Growth for February is expected to climb to 0.5 percent, from a decline of 0.3 percent in January. Excluding auto sales, growth is expected to fall to 0.5 percent, from 0.9 percent in January.

Friday, March 12
  • Business inventories summarize total sales and inventory for the retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors. January growth is expected to hold steady at 0.3 percent.