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Wednesday's FCC meeting delayed

The Federal Communications Commission's monthly public meeting has been postponed from its scheduled start time of 9:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday. After working late into Tuesday night, the commissioners were still negotiating business slated for a vote on the day's agenda (PDF) and are not scheduled to reconvene until 1 p.m. EST, an agency representative said.

Although it was unclear what exactly was holding up the meeting, the most controversial item on the agenda is arguably an order designed to streamline the process by which telephone companies enter the television market. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, a Republican, has been clamoring for action in hopes of boosting competition in the cable TV sphere and lowering prices.

But the move has not gone over well with everyone. On Tuesday evening, a pair of Democratic politicians sent last-minute letters (PDF) to the agency questioning its authority to act in that area. Consumer groups have also been wary of the move.

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