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Webware roundup

What's going on around the Net today? Webware's got you covered.

-- Skype founders name new video start-up Joost. The once-named "Venice Project" now has a real name. The service, which has been in private beta since this summer, aims to bring free, high-quality Internet programming through a Web-based interface. (

-- Putting a squeeze on Net video. Internet media technology company On2 has some exciting new codecs that could mean streaming high-definition video on services such as YouTube and Google Video in the near future. (

-- DMCA complaint with YouTube dropped. A controversial DMCA complaint about a video on YouTube has been dropped after the man who made the complaint realized the video in question was simply just offensive instead of a copyright violation. He originally pulled the DMCA card when complaining got him nowhere. (

-- User-generated Web sites in clicks-to-cash dilemma. The future might have a lot of Web video, but according to market research analyst Screen Digest, all of that won't amount to much money for content providers. We checked out a proposed solution for this a couple weeks ago with Podaddies. (

-- For sale: One-way trip on a private jet--no waiting. Got $9,500 for a quick trip wherever you want? Sure, that could get you a couple of round-trip, first-class tickets on most jetliners, but what if you want to take your own plane? OneSky is here to help you out with a private jet Web service akin to Expedia. (