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Webware Roundup

We take a look at today's items that didn't quite make it to full-fledged features.

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Read and write RSS feeds with GoBits Reader

A Web-based RSS aggregator and publisher, GoBits Reader uses Ajax and your browser as opposed to a standalone RSS app like FeedReader or FeedExplorer. This isn't the first Web-based RSS reader (see PageFlakes and the NewsGator) but this one is easy to use and the interface is incredibly slick.

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Get curvy with RoundedCornr

Rounded corners make Web pages easier on the eyes. They're also the foundation for the greatest invention of all time--the wheel. RoundedCornr has a variety of form tools to help you generate code and images for rounded corners. It's easy to use and the results look good.

Sell your stuff on Flippid with no fees (sort of)

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When you want to sell something online, there are several hundred ways to do it. Flippid is jumping into the online classified scene with its buy/sell service. Unlike eBay, the fees are a bit lower, and you can use several third-party purchasing solutions instead of only Paypal. They're running a promotion; if you sell something before January, you won't have to pay any selling fees for all of 2006. This isn't the first online service with low fees (see iTracker and Swaptree), but the promotion could be useful if you intend to do a lot of selling in the next year. We like the idea, but between Craigslist and Flippid's sparse selection, we're going to pass on using this one.