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Webware Radar: RetailMeNot unleashes printable coupons

Also: Rhode Island will inform the public of its financial health on Twitter; TripIt has a new iPhone app; and Goom Radio has raised $16 million to build its radio service.

RetailMeNot, an online destination for coupons and discounts, announced Tuesday that it has a new printable coupon offering, dubbed RetailMeNot Printable. According to the company, users will be able to print more than 90,000 coupons from thousands of companies.

RetailMeNot also announced that it has partnered with MoneyMailer, Redplum, and Valpak, to provide its users with more printable in-store coupons. The company didn't disclose the details, but it did say that it will continue to add partners to expand the volume of the coupons it offers. Its Printable service is live now.

Rhode Island's general treasurer, Frank T. Caprio, announced Tuesday that he will use Twitter to broadcast the state's cash flow on a daily basis. According to Caprio, each day's tweet will provide gross revenue and expenditure information of the General Fund. Caprio claims his office wanted to be open with the community and Twitter, he felt, was the best way to achieve that. To follow Caprio, click here.

Online travel itinerary service TripIt has unveiled an iPhone app that will keep the user's TripIt itineraries available whether on 3G, offline, or in airplane mode. According to the company, TripIt will provide links to airlines, hotels, restaurants, and more. It also has maps and directions at the ready. The app is available now for free in the Apple App Store.

Goom Radio, a newly-founded New York-based online radio company, raised $16 million in a round of funding that was led by Wellington Partners Venture Capital. The company plans to use the funding to launch its service, hire a dedicated sales team, and build out its infrastructure. Goom Radio plans to launch later this year.