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Webware Radar: Play games, win cash (or maybe lose it)

Also: Open Text has acquired Vizible and FreeWheel is now the exclusive provider of video ads on the Joost iPhone app.

WorldGaming, a site that allows console video game players to challenge each other to earn cash, announced Wednesday that it has officially launched to the public. Along with that announcement, the site has launched a 30-day online "launch party" that will give users the opportunity to join daily tournaments, earn cash, and receive sign-up bonuses.

WorldGaming allows users to challenge each other on genres like first-person shooters and sports games. The players add funds to their personal accounts and mutually decide how much cash to play for. After the game is over, WorldGaming verifies who won and awards the victor with the agreed-upon money taken from the loser's account. WorldGaming says the service is legal because it's a "game of skill."

Enterprise Content Management company Open Text, announced Wednesday that it has acquired digital media firm Vizible. According to the company, the addition of Vizible will help Open Text expand its digital media services and offer companies video, audio, graphics, and photography.

Open Text also plans to use Vizible's technology to help its clients syndicate their media content to consumers, businesses, and other customers over an open-standards platform. The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Open Text will add the Vizible team to the company's Digital Media Group.

FreeWheel, a company that helps mobile app developers deliver advertisements, announced Wednesday that it has signed a deal with video site Joost to become the company's exclusive provider of video ads in the Joost iPhone app. The ads are now being displayed in the free Joost app.