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Webware Radar: Get free taxis from Boost Mobile

Also: Mint has 1 million users, Quintura has new patents, TweetDeck has added Facebook integration, and 123People has expanded into new markets.

St. Patrick's Day is a popular day for "celebrations" and realizing that, Boost Mobile has those who want to party covered. According to the company, it will offer the #TAXI feature on all Boost Mobile phones free of charge on St. Patrick's Day. Upon dialing #-8-2-9-4, Boost Mobile users will be connected automatically to the first available cab company in their area. The feature will work in over 2,000 Boost Mobile network coverage areas. The service will only be free Tuesday., an online personal finance service, announced Monday that it added its 1 millionth user Sunday. According to the company, it was able to add 1 million users in just 18 months, making it the first personal finance service to add that many users in the period. Mint is now tracking over $50 billion in transactions and $15 billion in assets.

Visual search company, Quintura, announced Monday that it has secured context-based search visualization patents to ensure it has the most "interactive" search service on the Web. The company hopes that it will be the competitive advantage it needs going forward.

TweetDeck, a desktop Twitter app, has launched version 0.24, which includes "the first elements of Facebook integration." According to the company, users will be able to see friend status updates, which are updated automatically each month and they will also be able to post messages to Twitter or Facebook within the Tweet window. The release isn't available for everyone, but it will be rolled out once it's tested. So far, there is no timetable for that release.

People search site, 123people, has expanded into new markets, including Switzerland, France, and Spain. It's now also available in six languages, including, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, and Catalan. The new versions of the site are available now.