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Webware Radar: Disney brings Kaboose aboard

Also: FileLater enables tax extensions, Evernote updates its iPhone app, and Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Calorie Tracker becomes available on all BlackBerrys.

Disney Online announced on Wednesday that it has acquired "a number" of assets from family site Kaboose.

According to the company, Kaboose assets were acquired for $18 million. Kaboose sites, including BabyZone and AmazingMoms, will become part of Disney's existing family properties. The deal will be completed once the acquisition attains shareholder approval.

FileLater, an authorized IRS e-file provider, announced on Wednesday that it is now the only online service to provide both businesses and consumers the opportunity to file a tax extension before the April 15 deadline. The company said it facilitated the filing of more extensions in March 2009 than it did in all of 2008. It has also enjoyed "five times the traffic" leading up to April 15. FileLater charges $39.95 for business tax extensions and $17.95 for personal income tax extensions.

Online note-taking service Evernote released an updated version of its application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dubbed version 2.0, the app now includes landscape view and the option to see thumbnail images of saved content (a la Apple's Coverflow). But more importantly, the free app now includes an integrated browser, which lets users access links within their notes without firing up the Safari browser. The free update is now available in the Apple App Store.

Bicyclist Lance Armstrong's Livestrong site, which provides health, fitness, and lifestyle-related content, on Wednesday announced that its expanding its service to the BlackBerry.

Dubbed Calorie Tracker, Livestrong's app will allow users to input exactly what they're eating throughout the day to determine how many calories they've consumed. Calorie Tracker will be able to locate more than 525,000 food items and 2,000 fitness activities. Users can see how many calories they're consuming and how many they're burning off.

The app even shows information on fat, carbohydrate, and protein intake. It will be preinstalled in the BlackBerry application carousel on all devices released after April 1. It should be noted that Calorie Tracker is currently available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch owners.